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2021's the year I try to use mastodon more. The cobwebs have cobwebs over here, yikes.

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Made the first snapshot for the game me and @Link8029@twitter.com are creating called Slink's Adventure! These will be weekly snapshots until this shit goes to beta which who knows when that'll happen lol

Link to the release: github.com/Trash-Masters/Slink

I come by this image once in a while, and it always looks so surreal. Each helicopter on its own looks correctly-sized, so it feels like some sort of optical illusion to see how much bigger the Mi-26 is.

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Watercolour on a canvas is possible! I recommend using some watercolour ground. It feels different from paper, more spreading and bleeding as well as longer drying times. Fixative is needed! I used a spray fixative suitable for watercolours.

Warning! Lemons have thorns, now my thumb is bleeding from the reference lemon. :(

Here's the result:

#art #watercolor #canvas #TraditionalArt

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We've just pushed our third stable update for the Pine64 #PinePhone
Features include *far* better screen-off battery life and indication of the mobile network you're connected to in the top bar. Go to Settings -> Updates after your apps are up to date to get your copy now!


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